Getting Back On Our Feet
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Getting Back On Our Feet

So you may or may not have heard about the fire that raged through our manufacturers largest of 3 warehouses on July 3rd. I have been trying to keep everybody updated on our Facebook page, but thought I would just write a bit more about where we are at and where we are heading.

So it is unfortunate that the warehouse that burned down housed the bulk of our products and easily our best sellers. Aromatherapy oil products, Soaps, Bath Bombs, Incense, and more. Gone. 

We have lost almost 75% of the stock we sell. This is well over 1000 products.

Of course this is a massive blow but not all is lost. We still have about 25% of our stock, which may not seem like a lot compared to what has been lost, but we are thankful that we still have these available to sell.

I feel for the staff at our manufacturers site. They are having to deal with such a huge event that is really going to effect them. But they are a great team, they will get through this together and they are already well on their way to rebuilding. 

They have set up a new dispatch area and the manufacturing team are already replenishing the products made here in the UK - the oils, soaps, bath bombs, reed diffusers etc. So I am positive these will be back up on the website soon.

The artisan families in India, Indonesia and China that handcraft a large range of our giftwear, are also already making more of what we lost. Obviously due to the nature of these handcrafted items, they will take months until they are available on the website again. But all great things take time right? 

Since this happened, I have posted less on Social Media, it was mainly because I was unsure when items will be shipped out again so thought what is the point in promoting stock when I don't know when I will have it available, but this was also a mental hit on me. I won't lie, I am quite a pessimistic person, when I heard of the news I thought selfishly "Why does everything bad happen to me?". I do personally feel that nothing ever goes my way and I hoped starting this new business would bring me the positivity I needed, but then, when I heard of the news, I just thought "There is always something that goes wrong that prevents me from building something to make me happy" I just wanted to build a business, have people fall in love with my products, make enough money so I can leave work and concentrate on the business full time and hopefully open a shop in my hometown. Of course, this is what every new business owner wants right? But I want it now! I know this isn't realistic, but it is what I really want.

I feel awful for thinking it and I don't feel that way now. I have accepted that there is nothing I can do but wait and I have to learn to live by the motto 'Good things come to those who wait'. Although this is a huge blow to me and my business, so early on after starting up, but this is nothing compared to the blow for my manufacturers. They have lost so much more than I have and if they can lift their heads and use this as a way to build bigger and better things, then what am I complaining about? It wasn't my building that was destroyed. 

I'm building myself up too. I am hoping all of this teaches me to be a more patient person, someone who takes things in their stride, accepts the reality that nothing comes without a fight, and I am ready for that fight. I believe in this small business of mine, that is why I set it up. I know in time it will become an amazing place to get all of your unique giftwear. Nothing happens over night.

So, we will get there, it will take time, but I am confident that you will have plenty of beautiful giftwear items available to browse through in time for Christmas. 

I will be posting more on social media now that dispatch times have improved, so I can finally start showing you our beautiful products that we do have in stock.

That reminds me... We have some beautiful new face masks in now too. The designs are astonishing and are perfect for those wanting to stand out. Take a look at them here.

So thanks for taking the time to read this post, I know I can ramble on a bit... But seriously, thank you. Thank you to everyone for their support, thank you to all of my past, present and future customers. You all make what I do amazing. I love sharing these products with you, I love answering your questions and getting to know you all.

It is a slow start to a new small business, but I'm in it to win it and hope you grow with me too.

Love you all,

Leanne x

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