5 Tips For Choosing That Perfect Gift
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5 Tips For Choosing That Perfect Gift

Hands up those of you that struggle with present buying.

It’s a headache, right?

  • You can’t afford to spend a lot of money but don’t want to come across cheap
  • The person you are buying the gift for already has everything, so what do you get them?
  • Everybody will get that person the same thing, I want to get them something different
  • What if the recipient doesn’t like my gift?
  • The recipient said “they don’t want anything” (You know full well they are lying)

Any of these situations sound familiar?

Gift buying can be so daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. I can’t tell you what to buy someone, but I can help you figure it out for yourself, you just need to ask yourself some these questions. Your answers will lead you to the perfect gifts.


1. Who are you buying the gift for?

Usually we buy gifts for our significant others, our family members, our friends, our work colleagues, but we are not limited to who we buy gifts for.

It might seem like an obvious answer but think about the type of gift you would get this person. I mean, I am no expert but I’m pretty sure it will be awkward if you were buying romantic gifts for work colleagues, right? Yeah, don’t do that.

Leave the romantic gifts for your partners.

The gifts you buy must make sense to the person you are buying for.


2. What does this person mean to you?

Are they your life partner that you love with every fiber of your being? A close friend that you have been through thick and thin with? Or are they just a work colleague that you don’t know too well but you picked their name out of a hat for secret Santa. (I have been there, starting a new job at Christmas time is not easy)

So obviously, for someone that has more meaning in your life, I’m assuming you want to put more thought into your gift? You want to show them how much they mean to you? Look at getting something with a photo attached or something symbolic that triggers an amazing memory in their head of your times together.

For somebody you don’t know too well, do some research. Now I don’t mean stalk them, but… Maybe a little? Okay, not in the creepy Michael Myers sense, don’t be following them home and don’t be watching their every move. But start talking to them, show an interest in what they do out of work, add them as a friend on social media, see if they have a Pinterest account, check if they have an amazon wish list, just show a healthy interest in them, you will eventually pick up on some clues.


3. What is the occasion?

Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Home Warming or just to say thank you?

You might not think this has a big impact in your gift buying but hear me out.

A friend’s wedding or anniversary is coming up. Yes, you may be best friends with this person, but this occasion is not just about that one person, you need a gift that will make 2 people happy. It can be quite insensitive to the couple if you are only getting a gift that only means something to your friend but not their significant other. This occasion is to celebrate two people that are in love with each other, that are celebrating their life together. It may sound harsh, but your best friend is not celebrating their life with you. This doesn’t mean you have to buy a separate gift for both of them (by all means you can if you want), just buy one gift that will mean something to the both of them. 

However, your best friends’ birthday is coming up, this is where you can make your gift more personable and special to that one person. Buy them something that shows how much you know them and how much you appreciate them to truly make their day special.

Christmas is a bit more easy going. At Christmas, we often feel that we are only buying gifts because we have to. So have a bit more fun with it, Christmas is meant to be full of joy and laughter, so why not get something funny, or something useful. Just put a bit of effort into it and don’t just buy socks… because unless someone really loves socks, I’m sure it won’t be their favourite gift of the year and their thanks you’s will not be sincere.


4. What are their interests or hobbies?

For close friends and partners, you should already have a good idea of what their hobbies and interests are, so get a gift revolving around these things.

Remember when I said about showing an interest in your work colleagues? It is useful here too. Even if you aren’t close, if you get a gift related to something they are interested in outside of work, it will show you have put in some effort into your gift.

Does the recipient of your gift love nature? Get them some nature inspired jewellery or some eco-friendly products.

Are they crafty and creative? Get them something handmade or something they can create themselves.


5. How many gifts to get? How much to spend?

So this is obviously down to personal discretion but remember that the amount of money you spend does not equate to how much you care.

Gifts are appreciated more when some thought has been put into them. It makes them more special.

If you are worried about not being able to spend much, don’t worry. Set yourself a budget, whether this is £10 or £20 or less! It doesn’t matter but use that budget and try to find 2-5 small items or trinkets that you can gift to one person. It challenges you and makes you put more thought into your gifts and bonus points for multiple gifts.



The answers to these questions will lead you on the right path into buying that perfect gift. It’s as easy as 1 2 3…4….5.

If you are still struggling and need some gift ideas, take a look here for some great gift ideas.

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