About us

Our company

Aurora Gifts is an online gift wear company based in North Wales, UK. Currently we ship only to the UK. Our goal is to open a store but until then, our sales are online only.

Our handcrafted products are made using natural and sustainable products such as bamboo, suar wood and champa wood.

We are strongly against animal testing and none of our products such as essential oils, soaps, bath bombs etc have been tested on animals. 

Although we are not a completely vegan giftwear store, no animals have been harmed purposely for the making of our products. Our natural soap dishes have been made using clam shells that were going to be wasted and thrown away by fishermen. Products where leather has been used, have been made from leather that again, would have been wasted.

Please note, our animal based products are few and far between, but we sell them as they are beautifully produced to a high standard, and our sales go to support artisan families.